Essential nutrition for eye vision

Essential nutrition for eye vision

Essential nutrition for eye vision is the starting point of learning how to improve and maintain a healthy eye vision for life. With overweight and poor nutrition being known as the culprit in so many health conditions it is impossible to ignore the importance of not only eating healthy ourselves but also of teaching our children the importance of eating healthy. One way to insure that your loved ones are in fact eating healthy is to make sure that you are cooking healthy and nutritious foods for them. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy the occasional calorie splurge or even that you shouldn’t.

Essential nutrition for eye vision
The natural environment reveals the spirit of life.

However, preparing well balanced nutrition for the whole family is a very difficult task.  Firstly there has to be the right education in food and nutrition, without the knowledge and understanding of food and nutrition is it impossible to buy and cook the right mounts to ensure that everybody in the family gets their nutritional needs met.

The solution to that problem is five fold.

  1. Study food and nutrition
  2. Study and learn food preparation and cooking
  3. Study and learn about the the essential nutrient supplements
  4. Educate your family about the importance of food and nutrition
  5. Sell your food preparation and cooking like a diplomatic negotiator
Rebuild your Eyesight with the essential nutritions, and eye exercises for a healthy eye vision.
  • Essential Nutrients for Optimal Eye Health.
  • Essential Nutrient #1: Alpha-Lipoic Acid.
  • Essential Nutrients #2 & #3: Bilberry and Bioflavonoids.
  • Essential Nutrient #4: Chromium.
  • Essential Nutrient #5: Copper Gluconate.
  • Essential Nutrient #6: Eyebright.
  • Essential Nutrient #7: Ginkgo Biloba.
  • Essential Nutrient #8: Glutathione.
  • Essential Nutrient #9: Lutein (containing Zeaxanthin).
  • Essential Nutrient #10: N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC).
  • Essential Nutrient #11: Quercetin.
  • Essential Nutrient #12: Rutin.
  • Essential Nutrient #13: Selenium.
  • Essential Nutrient #14: Vitamin A.
  • Essential Nutrient #15: Vitamin C.
  • Essential Nutrient #16: Vitamin E.
  • Essential Nutrient #17: Zinc.

Rebuild and Exercise Your Eyesight

Eye Exercises.

Eye exercises is one natural way to strengthen the eye vision system. There are many types of exercises that challenge the muscles of the eyes to work in ways that they may not be accustomed to.
Series of Eye exercises over time synchronize the eye movement, and align the two individual eyes point of focus to exact point.
The eye vision charts reveal where inconsistency occurs. The two individual eyes may lose alignment over time, it is important to catch the drift soon as possible and to reinforce it with true alignment using eye vision chart exercises.

For example exercise chart:

  • String bead
  • 3 cups
  • Pin ball (just  to name a few).
Benefits of eye exercises

There are many different types of eye exercises, they are not limited to the rolling of the eyes in a wide circle, no.  There are many different types of eye exercises that are designed to stimulate various muscles of the eyes and also the focusing apparatus of the lens and the muscles that manipulate the lens to focus close up, and far away.  It is consciously becoming more aware, and taking control of the eye vision processes. It has been said that it is the mind of the brain that enables the vision, the eyes just convey and reflect the environment of light and objects of the immediate environment and things that we choose to focus on.

Therefore by working the eye muscles in a eye vision exercise program the eye muscles will be worked to become more flexible and more in control of the eye movements that is required of them in order to focus at various distances, quickly and efficiently at the change of environments. Visit Online Eyesight Test FACEBOOK Fan page from this link. Share this link with your friends and share your big heart with a like.

See this YouTube Video on the benefits of a Natural Eye vision exercise program.

Here are three basic eye exercises than can reduce eye strain and improve the eyesight, after all the eyes move and focus by the muscles that surround the eyes:

1. Hocus, Focus.
2. Round the Clock.
3. Blink it Out.

Click here for the above eye exercises.
Discover the benefits of Eye Exercises.
Eye Exercises

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